Friday, June 24, 2011


I watched a Francis Chan video yesterday
that re~opened my eyes..
about Gods view on Priority

Rev 3:15
'I know what you are doing. I know you aren't cold or hot.
 I wish you were either one or the other! 
 But you are lukewarm
So I am going to spit you out of my mouth.

 'You say, "I am rich. I've become wealthy and don't need anything."
 But you don't realize how pitiful and miserable you have become.
 You are poor, blind and naked.
 'I correct and train those I love. So be sincere, and turn away from your sins.

Oh my gosh.. the last thing I want to do
is to be spit out of my Heavenly Fathers mouth..
because I could not choose between the
things of this world, verses the
love for my God..

How many times do we give more thought
and concentration to the things of this earth
than the Love and Word of my Father..
How much more passion do we give to
the status of our lives,
the houses we live in, the cars we drive,
how our kids dress and act
our position at work,
and so on and so on.......
When in the Big Sceam of things
NONE of it matters,,,
those are all things that our
heavenly father has made for us
and yet we place so much more value on them,
and spend day in and day out worrying about
these thing, and working hard and making them
better, when our hearts and minds should be
on the Lord.

My family has always been typical
middle pay check to pay check
like most of you..
I dont live in a big house, I dont
drive a new car, and I have never
been a "Name Brand Girl"
and either are my children.
So that scripture that says~
" I am rich"
I never felt it applied to me.
Yet we live in the richest country in the world,
we dont lack for much,
our roof over our heads is not a card board box.
Our dinner does not come from a hand out at the corner.

And I have NEVER said to the Lord
"I dont need you"
are you kidding me !
But how often when I do need something
is he the first place I go~or just when all else fails..


I want to be HOT for GOD !
Love and Thank him for
the life he has given me,

 love the life and things he has given me
and give them more value and
importance than the one
who loved me enough to
share with me his creations on
this earth.
Not for me to love
it more than Him.

Thank you Lord for using
Francis Chan and his video
to open my eyes.
I love  you Lord..

If you would like to watch the video of
Francis Chan ~Lukewarm

~♥~ Karen ~♥~


  1. Yes and Amen...thanks for the reminder...and yes we are RICH, rich in Christ! May I too not be lukewarm

  2. Thanks for the words of Truth. I needed that reminder, to be HOT for God.

  3. Hoping your weekend is a nice one. Thinking of you and sending ♥

  4. We have been going over this in church the last few weeks. I do not want to be spit from my Father's mouth either!
    Praying I will not be lukewarm!

  5. Jesus knew the heart of the rich ruler, so when the rich man asked him what to do to be saved, he gave him the law, and he could not give up even a single dollar! Then when Zacchaeus asked him, Jesus also knew that his heart was good. After talking with him, Zacchaeus himself offered to give away his money. One was given the law, and the other grace.

  6. so good and it's so important to know where our priorities should be ;) :) Francis Chan is interesting. I've never heard him speak, but I'm very fa miliar with the name. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  7. So good and since I first read that verse when I first came to the Lord,
    I have always been afraid of being lukewarm.
    This is a nice reminder. Some one told me that a way to see what you worship is to check and see what most of your checks in your check book too. That always gives me pause.