Monday, June 20, 2011

Spoke a Memory..

I pray that you all had a great Father's Day.
My Dad is in Heaven with my mom,
and I miss them both very much..
But on my personal facebook page, I posted
a picture of my dad ~ Bennie G. Turner
and I asked anyone who knew him to share
their greatest memories of him..
His grand children commented
on the funny names he gave them.
Like my son Tyler was called Jabbo by my dad..
Dont ask me where that came from but
Tyler alway took it as his Indian name..
(My dad is part Cherokee )
The kids commented on how
Grandma and Grandpa always made sure that
when the kids came to visit, their favorite
foods were always in the cabinet, just waiting for them..
But the comment that touched my heart was from
a cousin of mine,
She said that she really only remembers seeing
my mom and dad a couple of time.
but  when she was 7 or 8 yrs old
that my parent went to her parents house to visit
and my dad said to her,,,
Arent you a pretty little girl !
She said at that point in her life she felt
she was going through what we all go through,
that ugly duckling stage, and she was
feeling insecure and being teased about her appearance.
She said
and how it made me feel..

I learnt a few years ago just how mean the
world is, and how people just cant wait to
say something to bring you down,
to try and make you feel less than you really are.
The insecurities our children feel these day
can be unbearable..
And I personally do not want to be a part of that,
nor to be a player on satans team.
I want to show love to everyone that I come
in contact with,, whether I know them or not.
I am a Jesus Girl.

I told myself right then:
  • I will never speak negative about anyone in my family to anyone else.
  • I will always try to find the positive in all situations and encourage them rather than join the world with the negative attitude.
  • When you see someone, always speak kindly, you may be the closest thing to God that they may see that day..


So use every opportunity to bring a joyful memories to

 Job 16:5
I would strengthen and encourage you
 with [the words of] my mouth,
and the consolation of my lips would soothe your suffering.

She comforts, encourages, and does him(them)
 only good as long as there is life within her.

I have sent him/her to you for this very purpose,
that you may console and cheer and encourage and strengthen their hearts.

Debbie,,I am thrilled with the though of the day that
you see my dad in Heaven and can tell him of
how those simple kind words touched your heart
and I am go proud and grateful that God used
my dad that day to bring you love and tenderness.

And I hope that one day when I am in heaven
I will be able to see that I spoke
loving memories in to
someone as well..

Love; Karen

Ephesians 6:22

Proverbs 31:12


  1. Oh I loved this...soo true. The tongue has such power be it for good or bad. How careful we must be. Believe it or not that was my prayer this morning that the Lord would guard my tongue and my mind! Have a wonderful day! HUGS

  2. A word well spoken is sweeter than honey! Amen to all of this. There are ones who build up and ones who break down. Paul would LOVE this post!

  3. Words are so important and some people just don't get it - and no matter how often or how you try to tell them - they never will.

    I am with you - never give up an opportunity to say something nice!

  4. Can you even imagine a world where only kindness is spoken? I know the place and I'm longing for it now. In the meantime, we must practice, practice, practice. For practice makes perfect, that and the Holy Spirit!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. It's so nice to meet you, Karen. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the nice comment. Speaking kind words is more important than most people realize. I can still remember positive remarks to me and also negative ones as I was growing up. Both have a big influence on our lives.

  6. Karen,
    Thank you for this word of truth, and encouragement to speak kind words whenever we can.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, Faith's Firm Foundation, and leaving me such a kind comment.

    One of my greatest loves is to encourage women! Bless you for doing that also.

  7. What a sweet post! It is true that things people say will stick with us forever (nice or mean). Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I'm glad I came by. :)

  8. Thanks for visiting today...great to meet you :)