Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who Prayed for You ?

Never under estimate the power
that comes when a parent pleads
with God on behalf of a child.
(and our husbands)

Who knows how many prayers
are being answered right now
because of the faithful ponderings
of a parent or grandparent from
 ten or twenty
year ago?

If what we are doing, in this
fast pace society, is taking us away
from prayer time for our children,
we're doing too much.
There is nothing more special ,
more precious than time that a
parent spends struggling
and pondering with God
on behalf of their child.

As a mother comforts her
child, so will I comfort you ,
and you will be comforted
over Jerusalem
Isaiah 66:13


  1. So thankful to have had a mother who prayed fervently for my true conversion! :) Thanking God daily, not only for my salvation...but for a mother who never gave up!

  2. Amen, amen, amen. I think of the faithful in the generations before me like my grandmother and grandfather. I know that they prayed for me, and I'm so thankful.

    And I also think of a very special prayer for me offer by our Jesus himself on that last night. It knocks me out that with such a view of the cross, He was praying for me.

    Great post.
    I'm glad to have found this blog.

  3. I meant "offered". Gooood grief, Debbie.

  4. Came over from Glass of Sweet Tea & linked to you on the sidebar of my blog....if you have a button let me know!
    Jill @ Sweet Diva

  5. Such good thoughts here. How many hours I have spent on my knees for my kids I have honestly wondered sometimes. And yet, it has even come close to stopping now that they are adults. And when you add on all my grandkids, now you really have some heavy praying time that is needed. I do count it as a privilege, and probably one of the most important things I do. Thanks for sharing this! BLESSINGS, Debbie

  6. What would we do without the power of prayer and the wonderful blessing that we can turn to our Father at any moment to talk to Him! blessings,Kathleen

  7. Amen to this! I had two sets of grandparents and my own parents all praying over could I not do the same for my children and grandchildren....

  8. Such a sweet post. I have had so many folks pray for me and for my family! I feel blessed that we can all come together in prayer! blessings,Kathleen

  9. This is such a good post! I have been blessed with Godly parents, and grandparents...and I know that they have prayed for me and will still pray with every breath that God gives them.
    But this also encourages me as I have been feeling the need to amp up my prayers on behalf of our two children. . . it's just amazing and scary the way the enemy is pulling out all the stops nowadays to get to our children!! The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man (MOM too) avails much!
    thanks! :)

  10. Good morning Ladies, Great post! I had praying parents and a praying grandmother, and am so thankful that they did. I so agree busyness is keeping us from taking time to pray. As always such a blessings to visit.