Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Last week we talked about gardening and planting good seed.  How are your gardens doing this week?  Are there any weeds popping up in that garden?   We can also get weeds in our spiritual gardens, you know, the clutter and messy spots in life.  Weeds crowd out the important priorities, like our family and friends.  Weeds can suck the life out of you, making you unproductive and unfruitful.
Matthew 13:7
7 Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants.

If we don’t take care of those weeds now, our crops will suffer and we could lose the whole harvest, as the weeds overtake the garden and take the nutrients that our plants need from the soil.
Weeds are our enemy.  Do you know what they look like so you can pluck them out?  Sometimes, it is good when the weeds surface.  We don’t even know that they are there below the ground until they surface.   Fighting weeds is like fighting other sin in our life. Anything that separates you from the Lord is a weed. 
The flowers and the weeds will both grow, but whichever one I linger on and give attention to, that's what will flourish.  It is up to me to choose what to tend to.

Search your heart greatly and ask the Lord to expose any weeds that are crowding Him out.
Uproot.  Pull those weeds out by the root to prevent them from reappearing.  Then, replace the weeds with good seed, thought by thought.
What are some weeds that enemy is sowing in your life that you need to rid yourself of?
Is the Internet, FB, Blogs stealing your time spent with God?
Are vines of bitterness entwining your heart, causing you to miss out on God’s blessing?
Is your focus on People, Places or Posessions rather than on God?
Is Worry choking you and preventing you from receiving God’s Peace and Joy?
Are you not content with where God has you in life and what he has given you?
Is Jealousy of what others have blinding you to the blessings in your life?
These are just a few “Weeds” that may pop up in our gardens.  Share what weeds you’ve experience that have threatened the fruit in your garden.

Hebrews 6:8

The Message (MSG)

Parched ground that soaks up the rain and then produces an abundance of carrots and corn for its gardener gets God's "Well done!" But if it produces weeds and thistles, it's more likely to get cussed out. Fields like that are burned, not harvested.
I look forward to the stories you share about weeding you have done in your life!
Happy Weeding!


  1. Great post! Thanks for reminding me that worrying is a weed! I have been reading Philippians 4:11 all week, "for I have learned to be contenct in every circumstance." this just fits right in with what you are talking about. Keep up the great encouragment for us all!

  2. Wonderful post. Today when I woke up I thought "I need to have my Bible quite time FIRST" I told my dad I have to read my Bible first before I jump on the computer. He completely understands. So I went downstairs, sat in the recliners and read some passages out of the Old and New Testaments. it felt great and I could already feel a difference. It really sets the tone for my day.

    thanks for the encouragement about pulling out the weeds in our lives and replacing them with good seed ;) :) Great encouragement. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Thank you for reminding me of the importance of weeding the garden. Let go to long & unattended and the weeds begin to choke out the worthwhile and beautiful. Part of weeding is prioritizing what's most important. :) Lxx
    Visit me if you like on fb SistasInArms, love to have you join us.

  4. Good grief. Use your freaking brain. There isn't some sky genie who is going to point out weeds to you. Geesh.