Tuesday, May 24, 2011

God Given Talent

Hello Heart of the Home Ladies..
I would like to welcome you to our
 very first feature of
"God Given Talent.."
And I (Karen)  am being the guinea pig (lol)

so just imagine that this could be
 your crafts,
your designs being shown
over the world via internet to bring
your God Given Talent to the eyes of the world..

Vintage Window
(if you have a company name,
it would go here with your logo)
Vintage window..
Text ~ As for me and my house,
we will serve the Lord..

Vintage Window
38 1/2' X 28'
Tree with small birdhouse that hangs over a
water bath complete with a small bird.
Cute white cat watching from a distance..
Mail box with watering can full of wild flowers underneath.
 Chalk Boards..
   Can be erased and write in your own thoughts

Beach Design

Shabby Sheek

Custom orders of Vintage window and Chalk Boards are available..

For further information regarding purchase of these item or special orders
please contact me at :

If you are interested in 
Heart of the Home
featuring your Crafts in the future,
please contact us at:


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