Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gardening God's Way

Many of us planted gardens this Spring. We considered and thought out what to plant.  

After lovingly tending them, caring for them & pulling weeds, we are starting to see the fruitful results.

Colorful vegetables, Cauliflower, luscious orange carrots, big, juicy red tomatoes, wonderful tasting Sweet Corn. 

We also have a spiritual garden.  Have you been faithfully tending to it too?  What kind of crop are you starting to see in your spiritual garden?

In order to have the right crop, we must use the right seed.  I can’t plant cucumber seeds & expect to get beans, and neither can I plant seeds of “Anxiety and Fear” & expect to get a crop of “Peace”.

Gardening God's Way 
 author unknown

Plant three rows of peas:
Peace of mind
Peace of heart
Peace of soul

Plant four rows of squash:
 Squash gossip
Squash indifference
 Squash grumbling
Squash selfishness

 Plant four rows of lettuce:
Lettuce be faithful
 Lettuce be kind
Lettuce be obedient
Lettuce really love one another

No garden should be without turnips:
 Turnip for meetings
 Turnip for service
 Turnip to help one another
 Water freely with patience and Cultivate with love. There is abundence in your garden.... Because you reap what you sow.

To conclude our garden, We must have thyme:

Thyme for God
Thyme for study
Thyme for prayer

Pretty nice garden!
May you continually plant good seed & reap bountiful harvests! 

Peace & Love,


  1. Oh Missy! How timely this is for me today! Our Wednesday night Children's VBS has its first teaching session this evening and our theme is gardening. Last week the kids planted nine plots of vegetables and herbs to kick off the summer program. I'm capturing it on film for a blog - starting this week - and end of program power point presentation. I hope you don't mind if I make some use of this poem for the kid's garden journal!
    Joy to you!
    Miss Kathy

  2. I love it.. thank goodness we dont have to have a green thumb to be a spiritual gardener, other wise I wouldnt make but I can work daily towards my harvest of my spiritual being.. thanks Missy..

  3. Kathryn, By all means, feel free to use this. The poem's author is unknown as far as I know. I'm excited that you can share this in your VBS teaching!!

    Karen- I know what you mean... I have a brown thumb in my physical garden, LOL.

  4. That is so true, since I became a fledgling gardener, I am always in awe of how much of scripture makes so much more sense out there. When my kids were small and I would be on my knees after one had been sick, I could hear God the clearest.
    Now in the garden, it is the same way, He gives me such wonderful verses to meditate on.

  5. I really liked this post and you are so right, that we will harvest what we sow. So spen lots of time in the Word everyday :) :) I love that poem. I've heard it before. I shared the link on my Facebook page ;) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)