Monday, July 25, 2011


Yesterday I visited my neighbors church
(Loved it ! )
And the Pastor said something I had never really
thought of before..
And I wanted to share it with you..

Now in books that I read as well as my bible
I am a big Highlighter kinda girl.
When I see something that touches me Personally
I highlight it..
In books
 I highlight phrases that meant something to me,
or if it is something that I may want to go back to
as a reference.
I rely on my highlights so much that if I glance
back through a book that I had already read
and I dont see any highlights..
I automatically assume that that book
must not of said tooooo much to Me..

In my bible..
 I highlight in meaningful colors..
If a scripture is directed to a woman, wife or mother
I highlight it in Pink
If it is for a man, husband or father
I highlight it in Blue
And then just general issues
get highlighted in Yellow
What caught my attention yesterday as
Pastor David spoke was that he said he always
ask God to Illuminate Words (highlight)  to him that God
wants to personally touch him and /or his teaching..

Now I had never even thought to ask
God for such a thing..
But now I will..

We all read the same scriptures
and comprehend it , in our own personal way..
And why not ask God to go one step further
and highlight the words he wants to "pop out" at us.

School is starting soon, and we are all out
doing school shopping for our kids.
So while your at the store pick yourself
up a new pack of High Lighters for
your books and bible..

But before you start your next
devotional reading or scriptural study
take the time and ask God to
the words he wants to
illuminate for you today..

Have a Blessed Day
~♥~ Karen ~♥~
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  1. Great post. What a good way to ask God to help you get more out of his word! A thought also occurred to me as I was reading this, as we are into God's word more, we become highlighted. In a sense God takes his highlighter and marks us, we are different and should stand out! Thanks!

  2. i too am a highligter it is a great way to go back thru a book and or Bible and be reminded of things that meant something to you.

    Tammy :)