Friday, July 29, 2011

The door is open..

Since the day that God cast Satan out of heaven
he has been planning and scheming on how to
beat him, how to have control over God's people
and Satan has become a master at
Accusation, Condemner,
among other things..
but picture this..

You are a prisoner on Death row..
You have been found guilty of your crimes..
As you sit in your cell, awaiting your punishment
God grants you a FULL PARDON..
Says I love you my son/daughter
you are free I have paid the price for you..
go and sin no more ,
as you hear the key in the cell door
and the squeak as it  
 swings open.....
As you raise your head ,..
( in steps Satan)

As you look toward the open prison door,
you see on the wall ,covered in graffiti ,
 a list of all your sins...
And Satan says..
Now come on,, 
 you know you are guilty,
you deserve to be here in this
filthy cell for the rest of your life.
After all,, who would ever forgive you for what you have done..
He must not know the whole story.. or maybe
right before you  walk out those doors ,,he will change his mind..
You better just sit right here and stay with me..
you are getting what you deserve..

But God opens the door a little more for you..
and says
The Governors Son appealed  to His Father
 on your behalf,
And you have been granted
a life time pardon.

The moment we admit and confess our guilt
then all we have to do is stand up and walk
out the prison door..
Do not allow Satan to whisper in your ear, and write
graffiti on the walls of your mind and heart,
that will keep you sitting in a
cell with the door wide open..

You have been washed clean,
Pardoned by the Father himself.
A New Creation.
Go and share the good news of what
God has done for you.

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