Monday, August 8, 2011

Beautiful Feet..

For Mothers Day last year
my oldest son and girlfriend purchased me
my first Pedicure..
Ok I know this may be a scheduled event
for some of you..but I have only had the one.
It was nice, and I would like to do it again some time..
I felt pampered and enjoyed
every moment of it..
But as I was reading my bible
this morning, and was studing
Romans 10:15
I dont think the above pictures
was what God was talking about.
I think his vision looked something
more like this.

or this
Romans 10:15
How can they believe if they have not heard,
how can they hear without someone preaching to them,
How beautiful are the feet of those who
bring the Good News to the lost..
Now that doesnt mean you have to hop on a plane
and fly half way across the world..
That is great if you have that calling
It could be just as simple as
*walking across the street to help a neighbor
* walking into your childs room and loving them,
even when they are sometimes not so lovable..
* speaking a kind word to the cashier who doesnt
like her job..and cant hide her frustrations.

So go get dressed up,
And Go Be Gods Beautiful Feet..
Make him proud..
Spread the Good News..


  1. Amen...I too haven't had pedicures, so I understand...but I also believe many of those who spread the gospel, to neighbors or in far off lands, probably have callous feet...and God calls them beautiful!
    Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Yep, I've only had one in my life, too. :) Thank you for the daily encouragements...Have a wonderful Monday!

  3. Wonderful post. That happens to be a favorite verse of mine.

    I have never had a pedicure and probably never will. I just have a thing about people touching my feet.