Friday, August 12, 2011

A little personal, A victory Story....

I hope you dont mind,,but todays post is gonna be a little
more on the personal side..
Do you know of some one who struggles with addition?
Now addition is not only drugs, but many many things..
anything we allow to control our mind, thoughts and actions and become
a stronghold on us,an addition.
I have a friend who struggled with an addition..He comes from a family
that constantly reminded him that he was and is Loved,
 even when he was in the midst of his struggles.
he is loved by them,(and Me) and knows that His Heavenly Father is always with him
and loves him too..
He is doing great, and is more than a conqueror !!
and winning the battle with his addition.
 And I have always felt that his "mess"
 (like many of our own messes)
will become the
"Messiah's VICTORY" message one day.
He sent me this video link today,
it is one of his favorite songs,, he loves this group..
I listened to it.. Head a rockin, tears flowing down my face..
and I could envision him with his eyes closed,
 hand up n the air pumping to the sound of the beat,
and thanking his God..

Here is what the Holy Spirit reminded me of......
Thank God (literally) that he doesnt wait until we are in a "appropriate"
place and time in our lives before he reaches out to us..
Thank goodness that he comes to where we are, instead of waiting for us
to head down the road to a church.
 Everyone is so different,
we find our comfort zones in different areas of life.
My nephew , like so many others like this kinda of music, when some
would say that it isnt appropriate in a christian setting,
I say,
 God loves enough to allow us to Come as WE are..
and I thank him for touching these two men in Lecrae to sing the words of Gods Love
 to those who will listen.
I am very THANKFUL to a God who is so divers.. and isnt in a click, who
doesnt just hang with only the popular kids
and looks down his nose at all the rest of us.
Because if that was the case,
 I dont think any of us, would make it into his gang.

Sing On Lecrae..
 Reach the lost with your songs..


~♥~ Karen ~♥~


  1. There is no more appropriate time to thank God for victory than NOW! I thank Him every day...for with out Him I would be lost. Praying for your nephew!

    Blessings, Joan

  2. I come from a LARGE family of addicts. My dad struggled with alcohol his whole life, my brothers do as well. One of my sons struggled for a few years but has been sober for 7 years now. I struggle with food addictions. I have a niece who struggles with drugs, and has been through re-hab twice and even did a little jail time. She too has been sober 4 years now. Your right, there are MANY kinds of addicts. Our God is mighty, loving, forgiving, strong, and full of mercy and grace. Where are on earth would ANY of us be without Him? A couple of my sons LOVE this kind of Christian rap music including the one who is a Pastor. I thought this song was wonderful btw. I will be praying for your newphew. The best news about the gospel of Jesus is He loves just as we are. We don't have to make ourselves acceptable in order to receive that love and forgiveness. Good thing huh as we would always fail. Hope you have a good week-end. : )