Monday, August 15, 2011

You Can !, You got this! What are you waiting for.. Now, just bunt..

Probably one of the most life changing sermon I ever heard was from
my pastor at my home church in Bradenton. And the sermon was titled:
That sermon changed my mindset..
I was always waiting for life to get better before I would feel better,
 or change what I was doing and how
I was responding to things happening in my life..
But the main just of the sermon was this:
*If your finances doing get any better.. if this is as good as it gets
Can you use it just as it is to Glorify God
* If your marriage never changes..if this is as good as it gets
Can you still be a godly wife and Glorify God with what and where you are right now.

* If your children are not doing just as you had dreamed..if this is as good they get.
Can you love them where they are, can you take on the responcibility God put on you as a mother and pray them through these tough times and Glorify God.

*If you job never changes.. If this is as good as it gets.
Get the point..

This morning as I was listening to Pastor Steven from
His sermon is a confirmation of how that statement is so true..
Why are we always waiting for things to change before we will
act in a way that we should?
That is such a "Conditional" responce..
Its like saying to GOD
ok if you can do a better job in this part of my life,,
than maybe
I will meet ya half way and work with ya on this..
In stead of taking the abilities we have been given,
with the life we have been blessed with,
and using it all, the good and the not so good,
to Glorify the Lord..
We may not be perfect in all areas of our lives.
.but we have a purpose here,,
God has given us every thing we need to accomplish
his design for our lives,
 and for us to touch others that he has placed
in our paths..
Stop looking out side the box,
and saying:
Well when things get better,,
 If only I had.

You are a Jesus Girl..
You have everything you need
Now ~ Go Get'em !!!

~♥~  Karen ~♥~ 
Take a quick moment to listen to
Pastor Steven Furtick
 Elevation Church
and see what his thoughts are
on our ability..
(I love this guy)
God Bless

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